What is MEV Auction

What is MEV Auction

MEV Auction is an alternative market for validators to auction off their blockspaces to the highest bidder. Bidders are usually blockbuilders or searchers.

Live on Holesky test network, this offers an alternative to the existing PBS paradigm while being backwards compatible with Flashbot's MEV Boost.

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  • Forward Embedded Volumetric Market for Partial Blockspace: We provide a forward contract market for the beta portion of a block: enabling users to buy blockspace in advance.
  • Reverting Transactions guaranteed exclusion: We guarantee that transactions that are reverted will not be included in the block.
  • No Latency Races: Encode your bidding strategy through a smart contract, no need for managing an active RPC connection.
  • Guaranteed Transaction Inclusion: Transactions can be hedged in both gas cost and settlement risk.
  • Searchers decoupled from Builders: Bid for direct transaction inclusion, this lets you bypass builders.
  • Consecutive Blocks Support: This behaviour is enabled by pre-rewarding builders by operating a separate auction to the rights of these consecutive blocks.