Third Party Additional Yield

Increasing the rewards

The MEV Protocol does NOT ensure the safety and consistency of the following yield sources

Users that are familiar with providing liquidity to DeFi protocols can assess some of the opportunities to earn additional rewards with their mevETH.

It is suggested that a user does their own due diligence on the following and understand the risks of using them.

Curve Finance

Curve Finance (opens in a new tab) is a DEX that specializes in correlated assets, but also supports volatile assets. Liquidity providers on Curve can earn both trading fees and CRV token rewards.

Here are links to the two current pools for mevETH on Curve (opens in a new tab)

ETH/mevETH (opens in a new tab)

frxETH/mevETH (opens in a new tab)

Currently, only the second pool, the mevETH/frxETH pool, has a gauge and is able to earn CRV rewards. This opportunity is subject to change.


Balancer (opens in a new tab) is a novel DEX that allows for custom liquidity pool parameters. They specialize in pools that are not 50/50 ratio and pools that contain more than 2 tokens.

There is also a pool live on Balancer

WETH/mevETH (opens in a new tab)

This pool will allow users to stake to earn BAL reward tokens. This opportunity is subject to change.


Yearn Finance (opens in a new tab) is a yield aggregator. It specialized in giving users a hands off, set and forget experience for their tokens. There are several opportunities here as of this writing:

  1. Currently mevETH is supported in the yETH vault here.

yETH (opens in a new tab)

Users can use mevETH to mint yETH which is a basket of LSTs if they wish to diversify their LST exposure. Users can also find additional places to put yETH to further work to earn other rewards.

  1. There is also the ability to stake the mevETH/frxETH LP, as mentioned above, in yearn here.

Yearn frxETH/mevETH vault (opens in a new tab)

Users will gain the benefit of socialized auto compounding.